Beautiful Arizona Rock Climbing Places

It can be hard to believe that Arizona has some great rock climbing areas. Rock climbing in Arizona has been recognized as a sport of beauty. This beautiful sport was made popular by the climbing routes and mountains in Arizona. Whether you are an experienced or a new to climber, Arizona rock climbing has some fantastic outdoor areas for you to climb and explore.

Arizona rock climbing

Two of the best rock climbing areas are within Arizona. Flagstaff and Pima County have some of the finest climbing areas in Arizona. These mountains have made it into a book about the best climbing areas. There are many different types of climbing including; mountaineering, lead climbing, traditional mountaineering and bouldering. You will be amazed at all of the different kinds of climbing areas that Arizona has to offer.

Within the state of Arizona there are several different rock climbing areas. Two of the most popular are Grand Canyon and the Zionsville Golf Course. Both of these rock climbing areas are home to some of the finest climbers in Arizona. Within the Grand Canyon there are many different climbing areas including; Bright Angel, Vernal Fall, San Berndizky, South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and many others. The Zionsville Golf Course is world famous and is home to the Southern Arizona Open, among hundreds of golf tournaments.

Another gorgeous area is Pima County. Pima County is known for having some of the finest rock climbing in the world. Two wonderful rock climbing locations within Pima County are the Black Canyon of the Grand Canyon, and the Skywalk. The Black Canyon has been rated as one of the ten natural wonders of the world.

The Grand Canyon also has a beautiful scenic backdrop to its peaks and canyon. Pima County also has several other wonderful climbing locations including; Black Canyon Park, Tumacacori/Big River State Park, and Windansea Caverns. The Black Canyon Park is home to two hiking trails. The trails wind around the rim of the canyon and offer panoramic views of the area. The Windansea Caverns has miles of canyons that provide climbers with views of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and the blazing red lava rocks of the Southern California. These wonderful rock climbing locations truly make Arizona a wonderful place to enjoy rock climbing.

Within the Tucson area you will find the Windansea Caverns, where tourists come to view the amazing rock formation. The Windansea has been featured in numerous movies and TV shows including “Rocky”, “Dangerous”, and many others. The Skywalk is another wonderful rock climbing location within the city of Tucson. It is located on the east side of the city and offers views of the Tucson valley. You will definitely enjoy the outdoor adventure that is offered by these locations when you are rock climbing in Arizona.

When you are looking for an Arizona rock climbing location you will find some wonderful cities that are a great match for your climb. Flagstaff is a wonderful city that offers mountain climbing opportunities within its city limits. Another popular rock climbing destination is Maricopa County, where you will find some wonderful locations. These include the St. Joseph Mountains and Cibola Bluffs.

The Grand Canyon is another popular rock climbing destination and is widely regarded as one of the greatest natural wonders of our time. Within the Grand Canyon you will find the Hoover Dam and several other popular climbing areas. The Black Canyon really is a sight to see, and it is recommended that you do not climb on this climb. The Colorado Mountain College campus is a wonderful spot to take children to climb. There are also areas within Arizona that are home to a variety of climbing areas.